High-Efficiency PV Products

We know how to build high-efficiency PV products. In fact, we are a company founded with the cell customer in mind. Over 20 million cells have been produced from our silicon through 2012, with several million made in-house during a phase in which we operated a PV cell processing line. This accumulated experience, along with our world-class R&D team, ensured our solar silicon product is well-suited to deliver high-efficiency PV products.

Our product can be dropped into conventional ingot, wafer, and cell processing lines with minimal additional preparation compared to electronic-grade silicon. Cells and modules made from our solar silicon product have the following electrical characteristics:

  • Cell efficiency with averages over 17%. Champion cells have been made in excess of 18%
  • Improved low-light performance over conventional electronic-grade silicon
  • Module certification from UL and TÜV Rheinland
  • Resistivity levels that enable assembly into 60- or 72-cell modules


We maintain several test sites for modules made from our silicon. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has several modules for testing at its Colorado headquarters.
Outdoor-Test-Facility An outdoor test facility in Sunnyvale, California has delivered better-than-expected performance since 2010

Learn more about how solar silicon to see how we are able to achieve these results.

Wondering how our product compares with that of electronic-grade silicon? Learn more about our process and see an illustration of our production method, or read our white paper for more detail.