Press Releases & Publications

Press Releases

March 25, 2015
Silicor Materials Secures Multi-Million Dollar Equipment Contract with SMS Siemag

August 26, 2014
World Economic Forum Names Silicor Materials a 2015 Technology Pioneer

July 15, 2014
Silicor Materials Selects Iceland Site for First Large-Scale Solar Silicon Plant
Company engages Arion Bank to raise capital for up to 19,000MT production facility

July 02, 2014
Craig Wellen Appointed Chief Financial Officer of Silicor Materials
Energy finance veteran joins solar silicon innovator as it enters its next phase of growth

December 11, 2013
Deutsche Bank and Jefferies Alum Joins Silicor Materials
Seasoned investment banker Adam Bergman to drive expansion of solar silicon business

September 04, 2013
Silicor Materials Hires Investment Banker, Receives Funding
Hudson Clean Energy Partners increase investment; Silicor welcomes former AMAT Exec to Board



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